Rectifying an unfairness


Written by ANDRÉE SEU

September 23, 2011, 8:44 AM

I was just thinking that it’s not fair that I get to receive all kinds of encouraging testimonies from hither and yon as a result of my little writing job, and most of you don’t. So I wanted to rectify that today by sharing just one of many faith-building responses generated by the gauntlet I threw down in a recent magazine essay, “Follow the Leader” (Sept. 10).

“. . . I’m no leader, and certainly not a trailblazer, but . . . I love God’s Word and believe what He says. I’ve been a Christian for 35 years, and this is what God has done in my life:

“My husband of 28 years and I have taken to fasting one lunch a week and praying together. For some, this may not be much, but it has become the favorite day of the week for me to spend with him.

“I have never given away a coat, but I buy tube socks (12 to a pack) and purchase the little blue Gideon Bibles and McDonald’s gift certificates. I place the certificate inside the back of the Bible where the plan of salvation is spelled out for them, tuck them both inside a pair of socks, and when I see someone with a sign that they need help I hand one to them. I keep them handy in my car. . . .

“In 2004 our youngest daughter, age 7, was struck by a pick-up. She had 11 broken bones, two collapsed lungs and a traumatic brain injury like that of a shook baby. We were . . . told she might be able to live independently some day. Our ‘crazy’ church family posted Scripture over her hospital bed, sang praise songs, anointed and prayed night and day over her, and she recovered at warp speed.

“Three months later she had an MRI and the neurologist declared he couldn’t tell she had been hit, and released her from his care. Even light brain injury patients are asked to return for an annual check-up. She is now 14 and dances, sings, plays flute and piano, is an honor student and a joy to our family. That was a mountain in my life. . . . I give credit to my Savior Jesus Christ, the ultimate healer for her life.

“I have asked for more of the Spirit and received it. I am more joyful in spite of circumstances. . . . I am more childlike in worship at our church, and at home the joy unleashed and the presence of God is very palpable. . . . We all count the days until we can return to church. . . .

“My husband and I didn’t take someone to court that took $42,000 of our money. God gave us a bumper crop that year (we are farmers) and our investments did unusually well. . . .

“I sense God urging me to do things . . . I compare it with Scripture and ask myself, ‘Would this thought ever come from the enemy?’ and act on it if I possibly can. . . .”

I was blessed and I hope you are too.