No Compromise


Refusing to compromise

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Written by ANDRÉE SEU

July 18, 7:37 AM

I recently wrote about a man in a Michigan prison whose parole was contingent on completion of a mandatory program for sex offenders. To recap, Daryl became a believer sometime during his 24 years of incarceration and has been walking with the Lord. He submitted to all the stipulations and homework of the program for months but came to a place where compliance was in direct conflict with what he saw in the Word of God.

The program in question, run by an outside treatment center, seems to employ a mode of brainwashing and is very nearly a cult. Its main tools for behavior modification are intimidation, humiliation, ridicule, and peer pressure, notably shaming and ostracism, things destructive to one’s sense of self and integrity.

But far worse, the program leaders don’t want to hear anything about Jesus. At one point, Daryl told the group that Jesus Christ was his Lord and Savior, and he was censured, told that “using religion is a crutch.” When Daryl learned that in order to graduate he had to say things about himself that directly contradicted Scripture, he had a problem on his hands: Does he comply outwardly (while embracing the truth inwardly) in order to not forfeit his chance for parole? Or does he refuse to compromise the truth?

I learned today that Daryl decided not to compromise. The consequence was as he expected. He was dismissed from the program, for “lack of progress,” and they rode him out to a different facility.

No doubt there are many stories in this world like Daryl’s. Some we will hear about in this lifetime, and some only in the next. All in all, I do not grieve for Daryl overmuch. We have not seen the end of this story. The only true place of safety is dead center in God’s will, and that’s where Daryl is. In Hebrews 11 we learn that some saints subdued kingdoms, conquered armies, and escaped the sword through their faith (verses 32-34). But others “refused to accept release” (v.35). You might say this was Daryl’s choice.