Help From Wales


Help from Wales

Written by ANDRÉE SEU


November 26, 9:08 AM

I notice an absence of certain phrases in the Christian vernacular. Like “You should. . . .” And “You need to. . . .” And “Have you tried? . . .” And “Do not do this. . . .” And “Stop doing this. . . .”

Jesus and Paul had no problems with such modes of expressions. The Scriptures are full of dos and don’ts and suggestions and exhortations.

I find it refreshing on the rare occasions when a fellow will give you a straight-up imperative. I like Evan Roberts, the teenager who prayed for years for revival in Wales, and was thrilled to see it break out in 1905. Riding the crest of that wave, he went around the country with four imperatives for his God-thirsty compatriots:

“Confess all known sin.”

“Deal with and get rid of anything doubtful in your life.”

“Be ready to obey the Holy Spirit instantly.”

“Confess Christ publicly.”

I have been chewing on those four bits of advice for a couple of years now, and the more I think of them, the more perfect and complete they are. You can tell when you are with someone who has been with the Holy Spirit. There is no mincing of words, no timidity, no fear of the doctrine police. Just good, solid, helpful, practical teaching. Thanks for the homework, Evan. I hear ya over here in the 21st century.

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