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And then I did it: I dropped the “J” word. I said that Jesus had met a man who wanted Him to force his brother to share the inheritance, ...  read more

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I wish I had feared you, Lord. I so wish it. I loathe my timidity and the years that the locusts have eaten. Surely Satan deceived me and I was deceived.          read more

I checked the local weather report at 3 o’clock yesterday so that I would know what perfection looked like in digits.      read more

I am good at sword thrusts and not so good at healing.  read more

Let me try to analyze this for myself as I analyze it for you: ...

...the very trials that, when worked through with a believing heart, are transforming them into a glorious stallion of faith, suitable for God’s use. read more

Words matter.

Words have consequences.

Words change the courses of lives.  


So there you have it, folks. You can teach an old dog new tricks. Because there are no old dogs in the Kingdom of God, just new creations.

                  read more

This is the way conscience works, by the way. A word of truth informs the conscience and renders it fully aware and therefore inexcusable the next time the sinful action is committed.     read more

If Satan is bothering you a little, it is because God is allowing him to bother you a little. (He would have you for breakfast if he could.)       read more

Everybody you see walking down the street is carrying something, ... They are carrying everything they ever did to their parents, siblings, spouses, children, and other assorted human beings.    read more

Charles Spurgeon wrote in a collection of devotionals that if you have a thought you hate, it’s not your thought. It’s Satan harassing you.    read more

Perhaps it is the wonderful surprise that after a life mostly eaten up by the locusts of sin, our final evaluation of our own life’s meaning can be changed from tragedy to victory, if we only begin today to live in the grace column rather than the sin column.     read more

Ridicule is a dish best served up cold by your own people.  read more

All kinds of things are always flying back and forth in the unseen spheres …

"Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought back …" (Revelation 12:7).

… constantly affecting things down here, and we are clueless. All we can do is believe God, or not. Man's dignity is the dignity of choice.   read more

Obey God with all your heart—and watch him change your heart.    read more

Now is the time for acquiring the character we want to take into eternity with us.   read more

One time last summer I was sitting at an outdoor café in town, and who should walk by flocked by a group of seventh and eighth graders with papers in hand, on a scavenger hunt? My son. My blessed son.  read more

The conquest of the residual sin in your life is the spiritual mirror image of the physical conquest of the land between the Jordan and Mediterranean.  read more

Once the whole world united for the glory of man through autonomy from God. They built a tower called Babel.    read more

It is possible (one shudders to think it) to arrive in eternity hauling a wheelbarrow of wood, hay, and stubble.   read more

Sometimes we behave as if it doesn’t matter how sloppily we live because we are saved anyway and that’s all that counts. But the Lord is coming with varying rewards, as the parable of the talents shows us,  ...  read more

I like a lot of light, so I like a lot of windows. When I see a house with very few windows I am baffled. What were they thinking?     read more