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Compounding the confusion is the unhappy confluence of a built-in ambiguity in the lexical item “weak” and the unrelenting emphasis on Christians as “Sinners,” with a capital “S”.                 read more

My plea is that we examine the Scriptures and do a constant running reevaluation of our cherished traditions against the plumb line of Scripture...and renounce the prevalent knee jerk way we have developed of listening to one another...     read more

There is a mysterious dynamic here. In order to become what we are, we have to try it on and walk around in it, even if it feels unreal at first. No wonder God talks in terms of “putting on” righteousness and faith and love.                           read more

It's all very scientific (something to do with the Reticular Activating System of the brain stem and the mid-brain amygdala that produces neuro-chemicals), but in layman's terms it boils down to the dictum that people behave as they believe.        read more

"Be humble." Go ahead: On your mark, get set, go be humble. What? You're not concentrating; try harder!          read more

There is something about 78 degrees. It is not 68, which is fine but holds a hint of a chill. It is not 88, which is bearable but rumors discomfort in the opposite direction.              read  more

Very few have experienced the spiritual thrill of wrestling and overcoming an acute and serious temptation.   read more

It's possible I'll be sleeping better soon, and it's possible I won't. So far, insomnia has lasted long enough for me to develop an entrenched habit of reading the Bible an hour a day before sun-up. Very funny, Lord.      read more

Simon the Sorcerer is merely the crassest illustration of my desire to own the gifts of God as a commodity. Who needs moment-by-moment relationship with God? ... To me be the glory!          read more

Every time you open your mouth, you are either building up or tearing down, ministering or manipulating, sowing for the kingdom or sowing for hell. How fearfully consequential are our most glib utterances.      read more

I don’t know how God can stand it sometimes. He stocks his Word with escape hatches from depression and temptation, and we skim them and say, “What lovely poetry.” Poetry schmoetry—these are our deliverance.        read more

For joy must be intentional or it is no match for anxiety. God shows the way out of heaviness and into joy: You best put on "the oil of gladness instead of mourning, the garment of praise instead of a faint spirit".        read more

White hair on a fool is false advertisement, like “waterless clouds”   read more

Consider the insidiousness of slipping away from Christ while you're studying Christ . . . It is the subtlest of all the snares".   read more

I didn't know about God then, how He likes to do His business, His strange work...      read more

"First woman who's ever sat next to me," he says. "Let's celebrate," I say, surprised at myself...           read more

A word to the wise when schmoozing with communists and terrorists. Beware of handshakes with men bearing agendas: "And Joab said to Amasa, 'Is it well with you, my brother?' And Joab took Amasa by the beard with his right hand to kiss him. But Amasa did not observe the sword that was in Joab's hand . . ."   read more

These are the thoughts of a woman driving home from the Stop 'N Shop on an ordinary day...        read more

There are Christians who pray in church but would never in your kitchen. Some will drop and pray right there between fridge and microwave.              read more

What freedom to discover that when we unburden marriage of impossible freight,... and when we deny "being in love" the status of a religion, we can enjoy what is beautiful in marriage without needing it to be perfect.               read more

Thanks for the homework, Evan. I hear ya over here in the 21st century.         read more

I am a watchman calling out from the milestone of 58 years, to you coming up behind me at 28 and 38 and 48...             read more

He went on to say that sometimes when we hear good counsel, it makes us so happy that we feel a sense of relief right away just from the counsel—and then we forget we need to actually do it.        read more

She was indeed beautiful of form and face, and I suppose I made a remark to that affect after her lament. It must be then that she responded to my comment, closing the subject, “That’s already passing away.”     read more

We are sent to make war . . . and to stop short of nothing but the subjugation of the world to the sway of the Lord Jesus. We must bear that in mind in all our plans . . . our aim is to put down the kingdom of the devil . . ."                 read more

The life of increasing faith is like a circle that grows and grows until everything is brought into it, and nothing is left out of it. Every area of your existence, every plan you make, every word you utter, every argument you reason, every mood you allow to dominate you, every social situation you take part in, every impression you receive, every problem you work on, every delight you choose, every affection you embrace, every thought you entertain—is taken captive to God and His Word. It means rigorously and consciously, at every point, putting the Word of God above the word of any man, the report of any witness, or the insistence of any emotion in your heart.      read more

Every minute on the clock that you are engaged in praying is a minute in heaven that the Spirit is speaking to the Father with wonderfully perfect words on your behalf.        read more

Here is an aggressive verb from the Holy Spirit:

“Build yourselves up in your most holy faith.”

Don’t be afraid to be muscular.          read more

Some will throw in the towel almost immediately. Some will go a little further before giving up. Some, further still, under stiffer and stiffer temptation and increasingly sophisticated strategies of hell.    read more

The Daily Spiel

Do these lists of commands seem burdensome to you? I hope not, because they are not burdens at all but guardrails and pathways to a peaceful life. You might want to reread Psalm 119 sometime. The man is absolutely in love with the commands of God. He’s no fool who sees that the keeping of Jesus’ words yield light and life.     read more

Even with all that, I can barely keep the thief out of the pantry.

But after having my house broken into most of my life, I am determined to keep a close watch on all the entrances from now on.       read more

If you are thanking God throughout the day, you are walking in the pathways of grace; you need not worry overmuch about your Freudian motives. The presence of God directly relates to your worship, and the aroma of thanks ascending releases His resources into your life.                read more

The Enemy has no authority over us Christians unless we give it to him. We give it to him by putting ourselves in agreement with his assessment of God—by pious grumbling, by hopeless speaking, by repeating to each other our theories about life, rather than the truths of God.     read more

Severe pruning has been done to me and maybe to you too. This is the original “tough love,” and one does not regret it in the long run. No one in his right mind wants to go back to the darkness.         read more

Know that men have affairs for reasons, not because you are their long sought mystical "other half."


These Romeos are not looking for more relationship, they're looking to escape relationship—the gritty, time-consuming work of living with their own wives "in an understanding way". You, fun-time lover, are a feast at Le Bec Fin that he doesn't have to clean up after.                 read more

There were more "detours," but when Lew Wasserman of MCA offered Russell the moon if she would break her contract with Howard Hughes, her mother sent a letter with this verse: "He that sweareth to his own hurt, and changeth not . . . shall never be moved" (Psalm 15:4-5). Jane kept her obligation to Hughes—and mailed him the Scripture.   read more

...what I was thinking is that the slowness of things in nature—and in the supernatural—makes for strange earthly phenomena. Things appear the opposite of their true condition for a while.  When I have lived against God's law, I have often seemed to get away with it. The more time that elapsed, the more I was confirmed in my estimation... But the uneventfulness proved merely a gestation period.        read more

Do you know someone whom you would like to be like? Someone who is full of love and does loving things? Pray to be like that person, and have at it. Against such there is no law (Galatians 5:23).    read more

I felt that as I was affirming—both in my soul and before God and the principalities (1 Corinthians 11:10)—a settled faith that God is fully able to do what I have asked Him to do and He was more honored. And what the confessing did for me personally was to impart a new and ineffable strength. read more

There are two kinds of conversations we can have with other Christians: those that bring us up and those that bring us down, those that tend to increase hope and a vision of the bigness of God and those that have the opposite effect.       read more

Lady, if you really knew who you were talking to here, you and I wouldn’t be wasting our time in theological debate;

you would be inundating me with requests for all your spiritual needs”?  read more

Though mercy is his darling grace

In which he chiefly takes delight,

Yet will he all the human race

According to their works requite.

                      read more

The only true place of safety is dead center in God’s will, and that’s where Daryl is. In Hebrews 11 we learn that some saints subdued kingdoms, conquered armies, and escaped the sword through their faith . But others “refused to accept release”. You might say this was Daryl’s choice.     read more

Bob, and no one else, was able to midwife me into the Kingdom back in the day because I saw the Holy Spirit in him in great measure—in his counsel, in his wisdom, in his incorruptibility, in his unwaveringness, his bigger-than-average faith.  read more

The radio program, coming just when it did as I was heading down to “a school where they teach about Jesus,” felt like solid confirmation that I was exactly where I needed to be that day.        read more

“Are you insane? You treat me like dirt and now you come for a favor?”      read more

Lend a....

Knowledge of truth is one thing, but the application of it to a concrete situation takes skill, by which I mean a spiritual acumen. There are some harmful ways to apply truths, and I have employed some of them with unhappy results.    read more

I thought to myself: How can it be that the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness (Luke 4) were real temptations.    read more

So today when I heard my son use the expression “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” I called him on it. I have to call myself on it often too, as well as on many a worldly platitude I tend to spout automatically. Such expressions may seem harmless enough but they are actually little anti-gospels that, repeated over and over, bore into our souls and train us in the lies of hell, rather than the truths of God. read more

J.R. Hildebrand appeared to be positioned to win this year’s Indy 500 but veered just slightly at Turn 4 and hit the wall. It doesn’t take much; just an imperceptible shift will do it.   read more

One day her husband came home as she was reading the Bible and asked her, “Is that a fortune-telling book?” She wisely answered, “Yes.” She went on to tell him that it’s the only book that can tell him his future.   read more

To see a woman put her head on Jesus’ breast would not seem unnatural. To see the apostle John, a fisherman, put his head on Jesus’ breast is shocking. ...To see men who love God as much or more than their women, ... is exhilarating!  read more

I see her on her porch early in the morning having coffee and earnest conversation with her husband. They walk down the street at a leisurely pace, hand-in-hand, and she points out flowers to him, and he listens.  read more

A man in England recently was the first to walk out of a hospital with a plastic artificial heart...The portable console ticks very loudly, so Matthew Green can hear, at all times, the apparatus that is keeping him alive. If at any moment he hears it stop, he is toast.  read more

“That is why I made haste to flee to Tarshish; for I knew that you are a gracious God and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love, and relenting from disaster”           read more

Whenever we forget the miraculous, we of necessity reduce ministry to the size of our gifts and programs. Church life is whittled down to a business model. This may be a way to keep a 501(c)(3) cross-bedecked corporation going, but it’s no way to conquer nations for the kingdom of God.   read more

He proceeded to point out all the slapdash, slipshod, shoddy, cut-rate, half-baked, haphazard, perfunctory, and rinky-dink features that the blush of first love had masked:        read more

That’s when I realized I had not done as well as I thought I had. In my preparation for the trip to Graterford I had anticipated and actively planned for my own needs with impeccable foresight—but that’s as far as I had gone. I had not gone the last step of anticipating someone else’s needs...  read more    

This is a game you can play all day long. You yourself never breathe a word of outright gossip to anyone. But by saying little things—ever so sweetly and innocently—to persons of certain inclinations, you let those persons do your dirty work for you.    read more

The conclusion I came to is that it would be very difficult to suddenly slip into conversation about Jesus with your supermarket manager —or auto mechanic, or hairdresser, or neighbor—unless you were already “in the zone,” so to speak.   read more

”Courage is not simply one of the virtues but the form of every virtue at its testing point, which means at the point of highest reality.”  read more

Then I remembered what British journalist Malcolm Muggeridge said in his Christmas interview with William F. Buckley—that the happiest person of all is the woman who sweeps out her house to the glory of God.            read more   

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